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All-Lexus Ice Racing Is a Thing, and We Did It

When one pictures cars racing across a frozen landscape, what most often comes to mind is something like a pack of bright-blue Subarus wailing away, all four wheels clawing for purchase in a swirling tempest of blown snow. Likely far less common are mental images of automatic-transmission, rear-wheel-drive Lexuses drifting nose-to-tail around a corner, their […]


4 Big Data Facts You Should Know: What Experts Think!

The digital adoption is becoming more inevitable than it has ever been for every industry, bringing challenges while integrating the new technologies into the business processes. Over the past years, one of the major upward trends has been big data solutions. Predictions from several analysts show that the big data market is expected to remain […]


Weekly Photography Challenge – Backlighting

Light is the most important thing in photography – you’ll hear that from many pros and teachers. There are many creative ways to use light, different colors of light, and direction of light. This week we’re going to focus on one particular direction of light – backlighting – for this week’s photography challenge. There are […]


Sunshine: My Favorite Light Source

I’m a minimalist gal when it comes to most things, and photography equipment is no exception. I know that some people love equipment and gear; the more the better. But when I think about lugging lights, reflectors, and flashes around, my creativity takes a nosedive. My favorite light source, hands down, is the sun. In […]