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Traveling with Children

An estimated 2.4 million children from the United States travel internationally each year, and the number is increasing. In general, children face most of the same health risks as their parents, but the consequences can be more serious. Some conditions can be difficult to recognize in children, especially in those who aren’t talking yet. If […]


How Traveling Can Broaden Your Perspective

You may not need a lot of convincing when it comes to finding a reason to travel—especially when considering a trip to a foreign country. Exploring the world, seeing new places, and learning about new cultures are just a few of the benefits of traveling. There is value to exploring someplace new and combating the […]


6 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good for You

Kale. Meditation. A good night’s sleep. You know all these things are good for you (even if you don’t always incorporate them into your daily routine). A vital addition to that list is travel, which offers a host of health benefits to your mind, body, and soul. Anybody who has traveled outside his or her […]